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The Hustle Bundle

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The Hustle Bundle

Jeff Putnam
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Who knew it would be this easy to make money online?

You know as well as I do that the only way you're ever truly free is when you can say NO to anything you don't want to do.

That includes working for someone else.

How many times have you said, "I don't know where to start"?

If you're like me, then you've said it more times than you can count.

You scroll through Twitter and you see everyone making moves and starting businesses and imagine what it would be like for you if you could just get a piece of it.

I know that feeling all too well.

When I first saw the same people you're looking at now making money online I couldn't understand how it was possible.

What did they know that I didn't?

What secrets did they have that I needed to learn so that I could do this too?

That's when I found out there was no secret.

Each and every one of them knew something I didn't, but I knew things they didn't.

There were things that I knew that I could teach to others the same way as they were doing.

Guess what?

You're no different.

That's why I'm doing something I have never done before.

For the first time ever, I'm combining all 3 of my best-selling courses that give you the exact blueprint to earning a steady living online into one package for Black Friday.

Introducing: The Hustle Bundle

Inside You'll get:

  • Quick Start Side Hustle ($172) where I show you: How to write and publish ebooks FAST. Content Marketing strategies so you NEVER pay for ads. A step by step walkthrough to building your own video course. And more! ZERO EFFORT content creation to never run out of things to say and schedule a years worth of content in advance
  • 7 Secrets to Write Like a Pro ($65) where you'll learn: How to use your writing to persuade your audience to do whatever you want. How to cure writer's block forever, and to hook your audience with storytelling
  • and Keys 2 Cash ($99) where you'll discover: The fastest way to build a freelance writing business that works for ANY niche. Easy market research techniques so you only sell what people want. Email templates for landing clients that want to pay you thousands of dollars a month. How to get and prequalify leads. And much more.

Never again will you have to:

  • Waste countless hours cold emailing and DMing prospects that aren't right for you
  • Spend hours a day writing for peanuts
  • Run out of things to write about

Just look at what people have been saying:

What people are saying

"Damn Jeff
This is good. I'm going to be using this as a system for all of my writing - tweets, emails, everything.
So so much easier than just trying to come up with ideas out of nowhere and hoping they do well.
Even just reading or emulating good content helps with the idea generation - but this goes deep into WHY those pieces of content do well, so you don't have to rely on them as a crutch.
Really enjoyed the read man, quick and to the point."

- Dan Koe (@thedankoe)

"7 Secrets To Write Like a Pro will show you how to do just that, write like a pro. Even if you don’t think you’re good at writing, even if you slept through English class, this course will help you pump out quality content day after day.
I always struggled with simply getting started writing. I couldn’t figure out where to begin. Through this course, I learned I don’t always have to have the beginning to write the end. Sometimes I just need to start letting the words flow and the beginning will write itself. Getting thoughts down on paper is more important than having it perfect.
Jeff breaks down the writing process into simple steps. He shows that good writing isn’t always about writing the newest, best thing, or the next great idea, but it’s all in HOW you write it. Jeff will show you how to make your content read like a Pulitzer wrote it and have you pumping out thousands of words a day in no time."

- Timothy Reigle (@TimothyReigle)

"7 Secrets to Write Like a Pro is a must-read for anyone looking to build a writing habit that sticks. This resource is full of actionable strategies that I can improve my writing skills with right away. I specifically enjoyed the clear and concise lessons on structure and grammar that change writing from passive to active. I have struggled with keeping readers engaged with my writing in the past. Jeff reveals where I was making mistakes while guiding me to more successful strategies. Great Product!" 

- Ryan Dreyer (@Ryanvdreyer)

"Whether you've always wanted to pen that great novel you've had in the back of your mind, or you've been looking for ways to amp up your copywriting and marketing skills and get what you want out of life and business, Putnam's guide gives you the tools to start building and growing. It's a fast and easy must-read for any will-be writer and entrepreneur."

-Kevin Tumlinson (@KevinTumlinson)
Best Selling and Award Winning Thriller Author

"Jeff's 7 secrets to Write Like a Pro delivers on the promise of its title. It's an easy-to-follow guide that will take you to the next level of your writing ability. Jeff takes his expertise and lays it all out for you in a way that only a pro can, making a complex topic easily understandable. Read the guide, implement the system, and watch your abilities soar!"
- Jon Parker, Indie Author (@abluegorilla) 

"As someone who has read Jeff's books and through them been inspired to write my own, I was eager to check out his course and hopefully gain some insider knowledge.

I was not dissapointed.

This course goes into great detail, breaking down things I hadn't considered before and revealing secrets all levels of writers will be grateful to know.

With new skills and tools now at my disposal, I know I can become a better writer and I'm confident those who get this course will too."

- Roscoe (@BirthofClarity)

"Jeff has built a concise system anyone can use to stop procrastinating and start writing. I've written 26 books and can say that this guide covers the majority of issues new authors experience. If you want to get started writing but aren't sure how, or if you've got a pile of unfinished work and want to finally finish a book, this guide will help."

- Adam Lane Smith (@thebrometheus)

"This is a solid product for writers looking to build a foundation from which they can share their stories."
Zac Small (@Zacsmall_)

This course is packed with information that can help you turn your writing into a profitable stream of income. Even though I'm not a full time writer, I have used the techniques in this course to increase my online presence and the sales of my own courses.
- Stephen Storey (@StephenStorey)

Skylar Swall hadn't even finished the book and had already created a product using the information he learned! 

In just a few weeks, Mike Hibbert had not one, but TWO products published for sale on AMAZON and a THIRD product already in the works!

Ronaldo Deluca is using what he learned to retire his mom.

Like I said, This is the most value-packed bundle I have ever created and you can get all three courses together in one place with everything listed above.

Over 150 pages, almost 2 dozen videos, and TWO BONUS COURSES.

How to be Everywhere: An affiliate marketing Case Study by JOSHUA LISEC

How to Think Like a Marketer by OLIVER CANTIN.

You also get not one, not two, but FIVE extra videos only available inside the advanced tiers of both Keys 2 Cash and & Secrets to Write Like a Pro.

I'm making it way too easy for you to learn the skills and methods that I use every single day to never have to work another job in my life.

You already know you're just a number to the people at your 9-5 and you're only one mandate away from having to choose between feeding your family and your principles.

Click I WANT THIS and turn your internet connection into an ATM.

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